Briana Augustus is a New Orleans born Photographer, Writer,  Painter, Filmmaker, and Website Designer. Raised in Tennessee, she earned her B.A. in Communications and Film/Video Production at the University of Memphis, before moving back to her Louisiana hometown. In 2015, she professionally established herself under her BRIANA AUGUSTUS DESIGN brand in Photography, Digital Marketing, Website and Graphic Design, while pursuing her other creative ambitions.
This "creator with many hats, traveler of many paths"™ continues her variety of independent contract work and can occasionally be found around town reading her literary work. 


Influenced by her study of storytelling through film, much of her stylized photography reflects the concept of moments in motion. She interprets the relativity of time through a lens of subject distortion and abstraction, and undertones of these concepts appear in much of her work. Her unconventional mixture of mediums in her paintings, for instance, helps her create textural and multidimensional effects that reflect her perspective of a subject matter.

With a mother as a largely self-taught painter, Briana followed in her footsteps and exercises her lack of a traditional art education to pursue a path all her own. Learning from mentors, self-study and a few final-semester art courses, she often looks to classical artists that pushed the mold of their time for inspiration. Offering a new way to think and feel about things people have already made up their minds about - that pursuit is what guides her journey.

Based in New Orleans, Briana Augustus is a "creator with many hats, traveler of many paths"™ and through her Briana Augustus Design brand, she offers clients her diverse set of crafts and skills to provide unique art work and services.

Explore more of her multimedia artistry on her newly launched online art shop at BrianaAugustusDesign.com !